The T.C.J.A.

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (T.C.J.A.), enacted by the Trump Administration, did not directly affect the R&D tax credit, but numerous changes did change usability for a wide range of taxpayers. 

Corporate Tax Rate

The maximum tax rate for corporations dropped from 35% to 21%. The net effect of this was increasing the value of the 280c reduced credit election which now represented a 79% credit as opposed to 65%. 

C Corp AMT

C Corp Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) was eliminated beginning 2018 via the T.C.J.A..

Individual AMT

Individuals and Married Filing Jointly AMT exemption amounts increased which reduced the number of taxpayers subject to AMT. 

Research Expense Amortization

T.C.J.A. forces taxpayers to amortize any research expenses over a five (5) year period for domestic expenses and 15 years for foreign expenses. This begins with the 2022 tax year. 

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